Avsnitt 003 – Tillbaka till påskdagens morgon

2 april

SoS-artworkGlad påsk! Stefan och Martin diskuterar de fem viktigaste bibeltexterna om Jesus uppståndelse och tittar på vad det egentligen var som hände det första dygnet efter uppståndelsen.

Vi uppskattar feedback på poddradion! Mejla till poddradio [at] stefangustavsson [punkt] se. Varför inte skicka in förslag på ämnen att prata om?


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  1. Wim V skriver:

    First, it’s kind of strange that you would fault the person on twitter for wanting to see a physical Jesus and characterize it as an unreasonable demand, but then go on to say that certain of the gospel authors greatly emphasized a *physical* resurrection.
    I also find it somewhat strange that you would claim that the growth of the Christian church cannot be explained without the resurrection. There are plenty of popular religions that neither of us believe in. To claim a supernatural cause to explain the historic growth of your religion in particular seems like special pleading.
    You also made a point of saying that Lüdemann puts the account in 1 Corinthians no more than 2 to 3 years after the crucifixion. Assuming this estimate is correct for the sake of argument, I’m not sure why that would increase the story’s veracity? Neither does the claim that Jesus appeared to 500 people. If you look to modern times, there are e.g. the so-called ”Marian apparitions” such as the one in Warraq, Egypt, where tens of thousands of people claim to have seen Mary, and wild stories circulate within days of the event.
    I also found it somewhat disingenuous that you turned the different stories (none of them eyewitness accounts) in the gospels into a super gospel and presented the gospels as flat texts devoid of any historical genesis. The author of ”Mark” came first and the other synoptic gospels copied from him and changed the story to make their own theological points. E.g. the whole point with Jesus asking for some food is not to give an actual historical account decades after the alleged facts, but to counter the theology of other Jesus followers who did not hold to a belief in a bodily ressurection, but rather in a spiritual one. Naturally, like the Twitter person you referred to, people back then who heard stories about individuals getting to see a bodily resurrected man-god would demand the same level of evidence. Cue the even later ”Doubting Thomas” story being created to, among other things, exult the idea that it is better to believe without seeing. And so on.

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